SMK's Approach to CASE
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Automotive connector lineup

Coaxial FAKRA Connectors PDF An abundant lineup of products that enable a wide variety of product proposals.
Rectangular Connectors with Terrestrial Digital Broadcast Automotive antenna connectors with proven track record that support terrestrial digital broadcasting.
High Speed Data Connector PDF An interface connector that supports high-speed transmission.
5 Pins Connector for USCAR-30 Standards A USCAR30-standard connector that helps to reduce mounting work man-hours.
Earth Terminals A diverse lineup that supports a wide variety of contact heights.
Shield Clips A clip for shield cases that deals with noise.
Connectors for Media Hub PDF This introduces various kinds of input terminals for using mobile devices inside a vehicle.


Automotive input device lineup

Resistive Touch Panels A resistive membrane system touch panel that comes in both film+glass and glass+glass types.
Capacitive Touch Panels A capacitive sensing method touch panel that supports a variety of configurations such as with or without cover panel and differing sensor types (glass/film).
Rubber Push Switches Can be used up to 300,000 times. It has an abundance of load variations, so it can be used for many automotive products.
Capacitive Touch Pads This product is a highly-reliable automotive remote operating device based on our own algorithms.