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Foundation founders :
Late Mr. & Mrs. Heishiro and Shizuko Ikeda


This foundation is an establishment formed in 1976 in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the founding of SMK Corporation (formerly Showa Musen Kogyo Co., Ltd. founded in 1925) to help social welfare activities, under authorization by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Funds were raised privately by the late Mr. Heishiro Ikeda, the founder of the Company, and who served for as long as half a century as President; and his wife, the late Mrs. Shizuko Ikeda, who made a great effort as a Director of the Company; and partial contributions were made by the Company.

Name: Showa Ikeda Memorial Foundation, a nonprofit corporation
Location: 17-14, Togoshi 5-chome, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 142-8511, Japan
Phone 03-5740-6525
Representative: Terutaka Ikeda, Director
Date of establishment: May 27, 1976
Total assets: 1,426,000,000 Japanese-Yen
  1. Welfare Grants for the elderly, the handicapped and youths, and general social welfare facilities and organizations in an effective and appropriate manner
  2. Rearing of university, junior college and high school students
  3. Support of gifted university students (including graduate schools and junior colleges) through appraisal of essays delivered to invitation
  4. Other activities deemed necessary for achievement of the Foundation's objectives
How to apply: Send for an application guidebook for an essay to the above address from this September onward. For grants, recommendation from a public organization such as the Tokyo Metropolitan Social Welfare Council is required for qualification. (Applications sent directly to the above address will not be accepted.)