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These pages are designed to provide our current and potential stockholders with, primarily, information and data concerning our company's settlement of accounts, including past business reports, up-to-date information and some other topics.


  • ・  All plans, expected business results and future business projection listed in this web site are forecasts made on the basis of information reasonably accessible to us at the time of preparation of this material. However, our actual acts and performance may differ from the stated projection depending on economic situations, business environment, market demand and currency exchange rates.
  • ・  Despite meticulous attention paid to all information on our web site when created, there may be some errors. However, in such cases, as well as in instances of falsification by third parties and matters caused by force majeure, we cannot be held responsible or bear any obligation whatsoever.
  • ・  This web site is intended to provide our stockholders and investors with an opportunity to better understand our company, not to induce investment in our company. Investment decisions shall be the result of sole determination made based strictly on investors' own judgement.
  • ・  The contents of this web site are subject to change without prior notice.