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Message from the Management


President, CEO and COO
Yasumitsu Ikeda

Since its foundation in 1925, the SMK group has responded appropriately to the changing market while preserving our founding spirit of "Good Parts Create Good Final Products." And under the SMK Philosophy, we have always developed pioneering technologies and provided attractive products and services to markets and customers around the globe.

The global economy continues to face uncertainty due to prolonged inflation in various countries, continued increases in energy and raw material prices, and escalating geopolitical risks such as the ongoing Ukraine crisis.

On the other hand, the major transformation of the automotive industry by developments in CASE technologies and the rapid progress in the digitalization of society as a whole due to the full-scale spread of 5G and IoT has expanded the fields in which SMK can contribute.

In this environment, the Company is aggressively introducing new products and making its foray into new markets in order to achieve sustainable growth. We are also working to create new business through collaboration with partners and open innovation. At the same time, we aim to contribute to a sustainable society through efforts towards achieving the SDGs and carbon neutrality, and to strengthen our corporate structure by promoting Digital Transformation (DX).

Under our vision of "CREATIVE CONNECTIVITY—Challenge, Creativity, Solutions," we will continue to strive to become a company that can contribute to the creation of a better society and a future by providing creativity to generate creative ideas and problem-solving solutions with a challenging spirit to solve various issues faced by society and our customers.