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Company Outline (as of June 27, 2023)

Company Outline

Company Name SMK Corporation
Established April 3, 1925
Registered January 15, 1929
Capital 7,996 million yen
Stock Authorized stocks: 19,596,127 stocks
Issued stocks: 7,200,000 stocks
Account Settlement Date March 31

54,842 million yen (FY2022)

For more details please refer to Investor Relations page.
Employees (Consolidated) 4,607 persons (as of March 31, 2023)
Head Office 5-5, Togoshi 6-chome,
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 142-8511, JAPAN

Officer Introduction

and Auditors
President, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer Yasumitsu Ikeda
Director and Executive Deputy President, Chief Technology Officer Masanobu Ikeo
Director and Executive Vice President Paul Evans
Director and Executive Vice President Tetsuo Hara
Director (Outside) Toshio Nakamura
Director (Outside) Kaoru Ishikawa
Full-Time Auditor (Outside) Morikazu Fukui
Auditor (Outside) Naru Nakashima
Auditor (Outside) Fumio Nishimura
Corporate Executive Officers Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer Kohei Ohgaki
Executive Vice President,
Chief Information Officer
Hiroshi Usami
Vice President Mitsuyuki Masubuchi
Vice President Fumikazu Hata
Vice President Mikio Otsubo
Vice President Hideo Sugano