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Our Commitment to SDGs

In order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, SMK is developing products and services to provide solutions for various issues in society.

We will accelerate our efforts to contribute to society and achieve carbon neutrality through both the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the proactive development of new energy-saving products.

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Our Initiatives
Priority Issues Related SDGs Major Contributing Products Links
-Business- Development of products and services to solve social issues
Development of information society Goal3 Goal7 Goal8 Goal9 5G, wearable
  • 5G connectors
  • FPC to board connectors
Product news
Activities for the Wearable Device Market
Growing use of sustainable energy IoT, smart home
  • Energy harvesting devices
  • Connectors for photovoltaic module
  • Connectors for LED lighting
Product news
Activities in the Green Device Market
Corporate news
Prevention of traffic accidents CASE
  • Radio waves vital sensors
  • Automotive connectors
Product news
Approach to CASE
Promotion of health for all Healthcare
  • Monitoring sensors
  • EMG sensors
  • Algorithm to support the diagnosis of dementia
Product newsCorporate news
Priority Issues Related SDGs Action Plans Links
-E- Environmental Management
Carbon neutral,
reduction of greenhouse gases
Goal6 Goal7 Goal9 Goal11 Goal12 Goal13 Goal14 Goal15
  • Utilize renewable energy
  • Promote energy conservation
Corporate news(Solar Power Generation Systems at Toyama and Hitachi Works)
Environmental management
Environmental preservation activities
Green procurement guidelines
Engage in society
Environmental report
Efficient use of resources
  • Promote resource conservation (3R) activities
  • Promote water conservation activities
Eco-friendly products (resource and energy saving)
  • Develop eco-friendly products
  • Ensure management of environment-related chemical substances
  • Increase the ratio of eco-friendly products
  • Thoroughly implement Green Procurement Guidelines
  • Continue tree planting and cleanup activities
  • Promote environmental education
-S- Quality
Quality assurance Goal8 Goal9 Goal12 Goal16 Goal17
  • Strengthen efforts to achieve Zero Defect (ZD)
  • Improve quality by front-loading product development
Quality improvement
Customer satisfaction
  • Carry out customer satisfaction questionnaire and make improvements
Supply chain
  • Promote supply chain management
-S- Human Rights and Labor
Respect for human rights and diversity Goal3 Goal4 Goal5 Goal8 Goal10
  • Promote diversity and gender equality
  • Improve employee engagement
Relationship with employees
Human resource development
  • Develop global human resorces
  • Support the development of employees' skills
-S- Business Practices
Fair trading Goal9 Goal12 Goal16 Goal17
  • Take a firm stand against antisocial forces
  • Conduct legal training for employees
Commitment to international society
Supply chain management
CSR procurement
  • Thoroughly conduct conflict mineral surveys
  • Promote supply chain CSR
-S- Social Contribution
Social contribution
community engagement
Goal1 Goal2 Goal3 Goal4 Goal11 Goal16 Goal17
  • Donate school chairs made from used wooden pallets
  • Hold "Introduction of Environmental Conservation Activities and Hands-on Manufacturing Experience" class
  • Provide internship opportunities
  • Provide social welfare through the Showa Ikeda Memorial Foundation
Engage in society
-G- Corporate Governance
Corporate governance,
Goal8 Goal10 Goal11 Goal12 Goal16 Goal17
  • Strengthen corporate governance
  • Improve compliance
  • Improve investor relations
Fair business management
Risk management
  • Promote risk management
Risk management
Information management
  • Strengthen the level of information security
Information management and protection of intellectual property