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Information Management

Information Management and Protection of Intellectual Property

Protection of confidential information

SMK has established Trade Secret Management Regulations and Trade Secret Management and Administration Standards to ensure the thorough protection and management of important secret information about technology and business owned by the Group.

In the Trade Secret Management Regulations, it is stipulated that the Group will appropriately use and prevent leakage of its trade secrets and company secrets and comply with laws and regulations relating to such secrets. Specific management methods are stipulated in the Trade Secret Management and Administration Standards and based on this stipulation, all divisions in the Group are endeavoring to manage important secret information under the management of the Trade Secret Management Committee. In the case of secrets that require inter-departmental management, six expert committees have been established, including the Secret Technical Information Management Committee and the IT Security Planning Committee. These committees manage trade and company secrets in their relevant area of expertise.

Besides, SMK’s training program when entering SMK Group includes management of trade secret and company secret to encourage appropriate management of secret information.

Protection of IT security

In April 2005, to take into account changes in the social environment and to protect electronic information and manage it thoroughly, SMK set up the SMK IT Security Policy that it now implements. Based on this policy, it implements the following:
・Internal auditing of IT security.
・IT security training (Aimed at work site managers).

To prevent incidents or accidents related to information security, we have also strengthened countermeasures to information leaks by taking the following steps:
・Strengthening of administration of information that can be removed from the
・Encryption of data removed from the company.

Protection of personal information

SMK is aware of the importance of protection of personal information and in March 2005 established a basic policy on the protection of personal information. Based on this policy, we have informed executives and employees of the issue and tried to handle the protection of personal information in an appropriate manner.

Protection and use of intellectual property

SMK is actively investing in intellectual property based on the recognition that the appropriate protection of intellectual property created by SMK and the effective use of valuable intellectual property held by other parties are the source of its competitive advantage in business, and striving to make a contribution to society and business through use of intellectual property.

SMK’s contribution:
・To obey laws and regulations concerning the protection of intellectual property,
   and not to commit any act that infringes other parties' intellectual property
   rights intentionally.
・To encourage active inventions for new items and creative activities by
   establishing rules of reward for employee invention.
・To obtain appropriate rights for the inventions and results of the creative
   activities in countries selected due to importance of business at the appropriate
   time, and, manage and use the rights.
・To actively promote technological collaboration with other parties to create
   new business by using their intellectual property.
・To conduct in-house training and awareness-raising activities regarding
   intellectual property.

Trade Secret Management Committee

SMK stipulated matters relating to the protection and management of trade secrets, which are important information owned by the company, and established the Trade Secret Management Regulation to ensure the proper use of and to prevent leakage of trade secrets, and to comply with laws and regulations. Based on these regulations, the Trade Secret Management Committee has planned and promoted the management of trade secrets.

Six lower branch expert committees controlled and supervised by the Trade Secret Management Committee have established basic rules, management criteria and implementation procedures relating to the definition of and management methods of trade secrets in their particular fields of expertise.
They are also promoting trade secret management by paying attention to the following items and by endeavoring to protect trade secret management:

・Storage and transportation of trade secret documents
・Perusal of trade secret documents
・Duplication of trade secret documents
・Taking trade secret documents outside the company
・Disposal of trade secret documents