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Message from the Management

Make changes for New SMK

Yasumitsu Ikeda
President, Chief Executive Officer
and Chief Operating Officer

Japan has entered a new era, "REI-WA" in this year, 2019.
While they are translated in various ways by foreign media, if "REI" and "WA" are taken to signify "order" and "harmony," respectively, the values of "order" and "harmony" also apply to the attitudes toward the global environment facing the world.

The Paris Agreement (an international agreement to mitigate against global warming) calls for all countries and regions to work toward the reduction of greenhouse gases under common rules. The conflicts of interest between developed and developing countries that could not be resolved by the Kyoto Protocol are being overcome with international harmony.

At the G20 Summit held in Japan in June of this year, the realization of a virtuous circle of environment and growth, and measures for marine plastic waste were discussed at the G20 Ministerial Meeting on Energy Transitions and Global Environment for Sustainable Growth, the first meeting of its kind to be held at a G20 Summit.

Now, people around the world are facing global environmental issues and pursuing a sustainable society while trying to harmonize their values with the environment.

We believe that innovative technology and innovation are essential to tackle various global environmental problems. The development of IoT and AI(Artificial Intelligence) technology has revolutionized various fields of society and has great potential for us. In order to connect this to our new business, completely new challenges are being sought without tied to conventional methods.

This is the practice of "Challenge courageously for higher goals without fear of failure" —one of SMK' s action guidelines.

Of course, new challenges are accompanied by difficulties. We do not think it as "unbreakable wall", but rather consider it positively as "a step for creating new values for SMK". And under this belief, we promise to continue to challenge.

On the other hand, corporate social responsibility regarding waste discharge is becoming more and more serious. SMK is working on waste management as a cornerstone of all environmental protection activities. The effective use of resources (promotion of the 3Rs) is a natural responsibility of a company, but we will take more responsibility and work on compliance and maintaining the social order more than ever.

SMK carries out corporate activities under the management strategy vision "Challenge, Creativity, Solutions".

In the field of environmental conservation, SMK also works on developing environmentally conscious products and creating environmental business markets and businesses. And, through these activities, SMK will continue to work hard to grow into a company that contributes to the future in harmony with the global environment and society.

July 2019