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Creation of Environment-Friendly Products

Micro USB Connectors (Spring Terminal)

This is a micro USB connector for use in smart phones, mobile telephones, and similar products.
This connector use a structure with springs that press against the circuit board to make contact, thus eliminating the need for solder.

Mini One Dome Switch

This is a switch for wearable devices with a "spring contact system" that can be mounted without using solder.
By making it possible to mount the switch closer to the PWB (15% distance reduction compared to our conventional model), we succeeded in making the set thinner and more robust.
Because it can be mounted without using solder, this product contributes to environmental conservation.

CapBeat Touch-MM Cu Mesh Senser Capacitive Touch Panel with Force Feedback

This is a copper mesh capacitive touch panel with force feedback that enables smartphone-like nimble operation even for large display sizes.
In addition to realizing force feedback during input, a feature for which there is strong market demand, this product is an environmentally friendly product because it uses a copper mesh sensor instead of the ITO (indium tin oxide—indium being a rare metal) that is generally used in touch screen sensors.

LR01 Series LoRaWAN®RF Module

This is a LoRaWANR certified module. LoRaWan is one of the wireless communication standards called Low Power Wide Area (LPWA).
Similarly to Sigfox, it can cover wide area communication with low power consumption, and also features environmentally friendly design and material selection, such as chromium-free material for the shield case.

LoRaWAN® read mark is registered trademark owned by LoRa Alliance. and any use of mark by SMK Corporation is under license.