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Internet connection module

We are pleased to announce the development of an Internet connection module for market introduction in the spring of 2007. Particulars of this module are outlined below.

Needs for networking possibilities of various equipment has risen in recent years as the Internet and broadband services win further popularity.

To meet such needs, we developed this module which converts equipment featuring a serial port into Ethernet for easy networking possibilities.

This product is a communication module, designed to be built in equipment, which provides a serial-Ethernet conversion function.

The use of this module allows equipment, if a serial port is featured, to be easily connected to the Internet for networking possibilities. With a server function and a client function, this module can automatically convert interfaces and communication protocol. Ease in networking of equipment making use of their basic functions is a reality with this communication module.

Date Released Sep. 20, 2006 
Press Release No. 759rd 
Product Name Internet connection module
  • 1) IP addressed can be automatically acquired.
  • 2) A serial - Ethernet conversion function is provided.
  • 3) A TCP/IP protocol stack is built in.
  • 4) RoHS Directive compliant.
Major specifications Applicable Protocols ARP, IP, ICMP, UDP, TCP, DHCP Client and HTTP Server
Network Interface Ethernet 10Base-T/100Base-TX
Serial TS-232C
Supply Voltage 5V DC
Applications Equipment featuring various serial ports
Market introduction Spring 2007
Inquiry * Please contact R&D Center for further information
Fax : 81-3-3785-2804