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Sep. 21, 2006

Inauguration of our Dortmund Office, in Dortmund, FR Germany

We are pleased to announce that we newly opened an office in Dortmund, FR Germany and that this office is now in operation. SMK Europe N.V. Dortmund Office is its name and is intended for provision of better service to our customers and expansion of our business in that area. Specifics of this office and Munich office are outlined below.

Please note that our office in Munich, SMK Europe N.V. German Office, which made marketing activities in Munich has been renamed to SMK Europe N.V. Munich Office on the occasion of the inauguration of the Dortmund Office. Both Offices will play an important part as marketing bases for SMK Europe, organizationally, for provision of optimal services to customers in those areas.


  • [SMK Europe N.V. Dortmund Office]
    Address: Wulderheideweg 3, 46286 Dorsten-Rhade, Germany
    Telephone: 49-2866-187-053
    Facsimile: 49-2866-187-064
    Office Manager: Stefan Czesla
  • [SMK Europe N.V. Munich Office]
    Address: Postfach 1512, 82036 Deisenhofen, Germany
    Telephone: 49-89-613-00233
    Facsimile: 49-89-613-00234
    Office Manager: Horst Zehndbauer

* Please contact Mr. Shiro Minami of the Public Relations Department for further information :
  Fax : 81-3-3785-1273