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Industry’s shortest 1.45 mm when mounted
6P (poles) SIM card connector with a card guiding plate

We are pleased to announce that we have developed a “6P (poles) SIM card connector” with a card guiding plate for planned marketing in October. Specifics of this connector are given below.

This new product is a SIM card connector for mobile phones of the GSM system which is the unified European standard for digital mobile phones. To meet market needs for smallness and thinness, we have realized the industry’s shortest 1.45 mm profile for card guiding plate type connectors by using our exclusive one-piece molding technique and plate structure. (About 7% reduction from our previous equivalents)

The employment of a card guiding plate of a full-hold type not only for the side but for the top surface ensures higher contact reliability, without losing shortness in profile. A card stopper provided with the connector will enable the connector position to determine the card position. This product can also be used for USIM (UIM) cards.




:Subscriber Identity Module



:Universal Subscriber Identity Module



:User Identity Module



:Global System for Mobile Communications


Date Released Sep. 20, 2007 
Press Release No. 796cs
Product Name 6P(poles) SIM card connector(low profile type)
Drawing No.


  • 1) Compliant with the unified European standard, GSM11.11 standard, for digital mobile phones.
  • 2) SMT ready with 6 poles.
  • 3) With a card guiding plate, a low 1.45 mm profile when mounted
  • 4) A full-hold type card guiding plate employed for the upper surface as well as the side for ensured high contact reliability.
  • 5) With a stopper for card position determination.
  • 6) Enhanced strength due to the one-piece molding of the contacts and housing.
  • 7) A sucking area provided for automatic mounting possibility.
  • 8)RoHS Directive compliant.
Major specifications Rating 12V AC/DC
Contact Resistance 60m Ω max.
Insulation Resistance 1000M Ω min.
Withstanding Voltage 540V AC for one minute
Operating Temperature Range -25 °C to + 70 °C
Operating Life 10,000 cycles
Applications Mobile phones
Market Introduction Oct., 2007
Production capacity 500,000 units/month

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