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0.3 mm-spacing shielded FPC connector
EN-31 series, developed

We are pleased to announce the development and commencement of marketing of a 0.3 mm-spacing shielded FPC connector, the EN-31 series, which is capable of fast transmission. Its specifics are given below.

It has been noticed in the market that as DVCs and DSCs went higher in image quality and performance, the signal transmission speed has become faster. In connection with growing requirements toward higher transmission speed for connectors for internal connection, coaxial connectors for extra fine cables are used for connection of an image pick-up element, LCD panel and main PCB.

Leading at the forefront of the industry, we have brought forward a suggestion that coaxial connectors for extra fine cables to be replaced with shielded FPCs, and developed this product. This new product’s performance is equally high to that of connectors for extra fine cables, and capable of fast signal transmission.

This connector is covered with a metal shield, and its shielding performance and connector rigidity thus improved ensure high level contact reliability. Combined use of this connector with a shielded FPC will enhance grounding performance of both an FPC and connector, and make counter-EMI performance more effective.

With contacts being of an N-ZIF structure, FPCs can be inserted simply with one action. Further, a mechanism by the use of our exclusive lever structure [patent pending] is featured for FPC fall-out prevention. Its 0.3 mm-spacing and a low 1.2 mm profile when mounted will prove this connector to be a good contributor for even smaller and thinner equipment design.

Date Released Oct. 1, 2007
Press Release No. 798cs 
Product Name 0.3 mm spacing shielded FPC connector, EN-31 series
Drawing No. CFPA5XX-0150F (XX=Number of poles : 53)
  • 1) 5.0 mm connector width and low 1.2 mm profile when mounted.
  • 2) Capable of fast transmission, performing equally good to that of coaxial connectors for extra fine cables.
  • 3) Covered with a metal shield, its grounding performance is enhanced for the FPC and connector. (Anti-EMI measure)
  • 4) With connectors being of an N-ZIF structure, FPCs can be inserted simply with one action.
  • 5) The FPC retention lever provided will hold FPCs securely. (FPC fall-out prevention mechanism)[Patent pending]
  • 6) Contacts located on the lower side.
  • 7) Supplied in an embossed-taped form for automatic mounting possibility.
  • 8) RoHS Directive compliant.
Major specifications Rating 0.3A, 50V AC/DC
Contact Resistance Initially 30mΩ max.
Insulation Resistance 100MΩ min. at 100V DC
Withstanding Voltage 100V AC for one minute
Operating Temperature Range -40 °C to + 85 °C
[For reference only]
Signal Speed 1.25Gbps
Differential Characteristic Impedance 100Ω
Applications DVCs, DSCs, etc.
Market Introduction Oct., 2007
Production capacity 300,000 units/month
Inquiry * Please contact CS Division for further information :
  Fax : 81-3-3785-0517