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Two types of film + film touch panel developed

We are pleased to announce the development and the commencement of marketing activities for two types of touch panels: one where films are used for both the upper and lower electrodes; and the other of a low reflectance film + film type. Specifics of these products are outlined below.

Mobile products such as digital camcorders, DSCs, and portable terminal equipment are required to be light in weight, thin in equipment design, and resistant to breakage when dropped. For these applications, touch panels need to be light, thin, and unbreakable. For mobile applications, they are required to be low in reflection to prevent deteriorated visibility due to reflection of, for example, direct sunlight, on the screen when the equipment is used outdoors.

The two touch panels being introduced and added to our current product repertoire include a "film + film" type where PET film is used for the upper and lower electrodes, and a "low reflectance film + film" type which is made up of an optically isotropic film for the upper and lower electrodes with a polarizing plate laid over the touch panel screen.

These touch panels can also be delivered in the form of "film + film + plastic type" which is a film + film type touch panel with a 1 to 2 mm thick plastic plate laid over the touch panel.

We plan to produce these touch panels at our Philippine factory in an initial monthly quantity of 500,000 units.

Date Released Feb. 5, 2008
Press Release No. 806tp 
Product Name Film + film touch panel
Features "Film + film type"
  • 1) Thickness as thin as only 0.5 mm is possible.
  • 2) With an optic adhesive that minimizes deterioration of optical properties used over the entire back, the touch panel can be glued directly on an LCD panel. The resulting absence of air layers between the touch panel and the LCD panel prevents reflection on the back, improving visibility of LCD panels and facilitating thinner design.
"Low reflectance film + film type"
  • 1) The use of optically isotropic film and the application of a polarizing plate on the surface realize low reflection.
  • 2) With the addition of AR-treatment on the surface, reflection on the surface can be reduced from approximately 4% to 1%.
  • 3) Direct gluing of this low reflectance type on an LCD panel is also possible.
Major specifications Transparency 78 to 82%
Operating Temperature Range -5 to 60°C
Storage Temperature Range -30 to 70°C
Linearity +/-1.5%
Haze value 2 to 10%
Surface Hardness 2H
Sliding Life 50,000 cycles min.
Applications Digital camcorders, DSCs, portable terminal equipment, etc.
Production capacity 500,000 units/month when converted into 3" products (Availability extends from 2 to 7 inches.)
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