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Second introduction of new concept remote control units

We are pleased to make this second introduction of development of prototypes of "new concept remote control units" designed based on a vision of remote controls with futuristic design concepts. We are introducing two types of remote control units: "a stationary LCD type" and "an easy to operate egg-shaped type."

These new concept remote controls will submit themselves for provision of opportunities for consideration and materialization of what remote controls should be like in the future without being prisoners of the past, as well as having a superior quality human interface.

The "stationary LCD remote control unit" is intended to stay on for example a table, unlike conventional products where one had to hold the remote control unit, aiming it at equipment. We propose this stationary remote control unit comprising a combination of our exclusive RF technology and a new operation sensation via dialing operation.

The "easy to operate egg-shaped remote control unit" operates equipment when held in the hand and shaken. Here, we propose a highly personal egg-shaped remote control unit with RF technology and a sensor put into the egg shape.

The whole pictures of these two remote control units of new concepts will be made public at our SMK Technical Exposition TEXPO 2008 to be held for 3 days from June 4, 2008. We will incorporate the visitors' opinions in the future development of these products.

Date Released May 29, 2008
Press Release No. 825fc
Product Name New concept remote control units (FC8601T-2)
  • 1) Proposal of new remote control unit configurations and usage through the adoption of our exclusive bi-directional RF module.
    <1> Stationary use is proposed due to non-necessity of aiming the remote control at equipment, and due to freedom from interference by objects lying between the control unit and equipment to be controlled. (Stationary use LCD remote control units)
    <2> Covering the remote control unit with a hand poses no hindrance to reception and transmission of control signals. This makes it possible to design a remote control unit small enough to hold in a palm for personalized use. (Easy to operate egg-shaped remote control unit)
    <3> Freedom in location and design of remote controls is broader because remote control unit informs the user about use conditions and information of the equipment to be controlled. (Stationary LCD remote control units)
    <4> Missing remote control units will give an audio response to tell their whereabouts when pressing the search button found on the equipment. »Answering function (Easy to operate egg-shaped remote control unit)
  • 2) Operation sensation which has not been previously available will be provided.
    <1> An operation system is proposed where operations occur primarily via dialing, instead of buttons, when possible. (Stationary LCD remote control units)
    <2> The built-in sensor will allow operations to occur when the remote control is held and shaken by hand . (Easy to operate egg-shaped remote control unit)
  • 3) Barrier-free design
    <1> Commands given for operations will be audibly confirmed by the vocal system, which makes this remote control unit easy to use for the physically disabled. (Easy to operate egg-shaped remote control unit)
  • 4)Unique designs with a sense of fun are proposed.
    <1> Designed to fit into living rooms through the use of metals of a sense of class and a disc-looking shape. (Stationary LCD remote control units)
    <2> Cute also as a room ornament when not in use. (Easy to operate egg-shaped remote control unit)
    <3> A speaking remote control unit.(*1) (Easy to operate egg-shaped remote control unit)
  • (*1) Example - If shaking continues without emitting any command for a long time, the remote control unit will say "Don't play. Battery will run out."
Applications Electrical equipment including LCD/plasma TVs, DVD players/recorders, air conditioners, lighting fixtures and other home appliances
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