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Development of a Card-Style Cradle

 We are pleased to announce that we have developed and started taking orders for a “card-style cradle (FX5007)” that can charge equipment and communicate data when connected to a computer USB port.
  Since a cradle is used to charge DSCs or portable audio equipment at home or to connect to a computer and can make a wire connection simply by putting it down, it has excellent usability. However, due to its size it had poor portability.
 To respond to such needs, we developed a “card-style cradle”.
 This new product realized a card size suitable for portable use by employing a foldaway structure, helping to achieve both objectives of convenience and portability.

Date Released 2008/10/21
Released No. 837fc
Product Name “FX5007” card cradle
  • 1)Focusing on portability, it realizes a card size.
2)A foldaway structure is used for the area connecting to the host unit. Further, the computer USB cable can be stored away in the reverse side of the unit contributing to breakage prevention and portability.
3) By connecting to a computer USB port, it is possible to charge the main unit and communicate data.
Major Specifications External dimensions (card size)  55mm(W)×90mm(D)×10mm(H)
Data communication Hi-Speed USB 2.0 compatible
 Applications DCSs, portable audio devices, and small IT equipment
Start accepting orders from October, 2010
Inquiry For more information, please contact the FC Division.