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Compact size capacitive touch panel with multi-touch input function developed

We are pleased to announce the development and commencement of production of a capacitive touch panel with multi-point input and gesture input functions.

In recent years, user interfaces allowing intuitive input have attracted market attention as mobile phones became more multifunctional and their display screens grew larger.  Among them, mobile phone manufacturers have placed an emphasis on development of user interfaces using multi-touch input technology with fingers which is more suitable than the conventional touch operations using a pen.

In response to such market needs, we have developed the capacitive touch panels for small equipment.  The capacitive system is structured to sense changes in capacitance in the electrical charge on the sensing surface to read touched points.  A soft touch with fingers on a touch panel will be sufficient to lightly operate the panel, freeing users from hard pressing as required with resistance sensing touch panels.  Further, the provision of multi-touch input and gesture input capabilities makes gesture operations such as zooming in or out or page scrolling possible.

On development of this product, we considered visibility of LCD panels and light operation feeling for products with built-in touch panels as the points of prime importance.  For this, we sought compatibility of highly transparent and colorless visual performance and light input sensitivity, which used to be considered to be difficult, and finally established an exclusive production method successfully.

In the future, we will try to supply modules comprising a touch panel with a decorative sheet on glued together for more extensive application opportunities in small equipment.

Date Released FEB,4th 2009 
Press Release No. 849tp 
Product Name Capacitive touch panel with multi-touch input function developed

1) Multi-touch input-capable with two fingers.

2) Capable of gesture input following finger movement, in addition to key touch input.

3) Transparency as high as 93% Max.

4) For circuit space effectiveness, COF (Chip On Film)-processed at touch panel’s tail by the controller IC.

5) 4 inches Max. size.

6) Both glass type and film/ film type structures available.

Major Specifications Reading System Projected capacitive type
Operation Force 0 N (φ7 mm or larger touched area)
Current Consumption
2 mA typ.
10μA typ. (While idling)
Applications Mobile phones, Smart Phones, DSCs, etc.
Production capacity 500K units per month (Converted into 4 inches)
Sample Price Depends on specifications. (Custom-made only)
Inquiry * Please contact TP Division for further information
Fax : 81-3-3785-2904