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2009, 6th, APR
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                              Acquisition of ISO/TS16949 certification



We are pleased to announce that our touch panels for car navigation systems produced in our Philippines Factory has obtained the certification according to ISO/TS16949, the international standards of quality management for automotive-related products.


ISO/TS16949 is an expansion of ISO 9001, an international standard for quality management systems, with requirements unique to automotive applications added. Acquisition of the certification is now a common requirement that many automakers require of their suppliers.


This acquisition is the result of efforts promoted by all our Works including those located overseas since some time ago to acquire certification of various types of international standards for quality management systems.


We plan a more aggressive approach to the automotive electronics market where steady growth is anticipated, as well as enhancing product line up.


Our Philippine factory launched its operations in 2001. Its current business is production primarily of touch panels for automotive and portable product applications for distribution worldwide.


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