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Film / glass touch panel meeting genuine automotive product specifications marketed

We are pleased to announce that we have commenced marketing a high transparency, low reflection film / glass touch panel meeting genuine automotive product specifications.

Automotive touch panels, particularly genuine items for automakers’ factory installation, are required to be highly resistant to heat in a range as wide as -30℃ to +85℃ during operation and -40℃ to +95℃ for storage. To meet this requirement, highly heat-resistant glass / glass touch panels were adopted. To cope with such situations, economically priced yet heat-resistant film / glass touch panels have been strongly sought by the market.

With higher heat-resistance attained from the structural improvement, this new product can be installed on automakers’ production lines despite its film / glass structure.

Furthermore, since automotive displays are located near the outdoors, their visibility often deteriorates due to reflection of outside light.

Touch panels to be laid out on displays therefore need to be of low reflective types.

Previously, low reflection was achieved via application on touch panels of a film such as a polarization plate to reduce reflection and the reflection was absorbed within the panel itself.

With this new product, reflectance has been improved to as low as 7%, which is the same level as that of types using a polarization plate. This success comes from improvement in transparency and reflectance of film and glass without the use of a polarization plate.

Transparency is 87%, which represents an improvement of greater than 10% over the 75% transparency of glass / glass touch panels using a polarization plate.

It is expected that use of economical film / glass touch panels will rapidly proceed for factory-installed genuine navigation equipment for use in more and more automobiles, resulting in increased demands.


Date Released MAY,12rd, 2009 
Press Release No. 857tp 
Product Name Film / glass touch panel meeting genuine automotive product specifications

1)  Can be supplied at more reasonable prices than those of glass / glass polarization plate types.

2) Meets the stringent environmental temperature requirement which is required with factory-installed car navigation equipment.

3) Reduces reflection on touch panels and improves visibility of displays.

4) A light touch is sufficient for inputting.

5) An anti-smudge finish is optional.

Major Specifications Operating Temperature Range -30 deg C to 85 deg C
Storage Temperature Range -40 deg C to 95 deg C
Transparency 84 to 87%
Reflectance  7 to 11%
Inputting Force  0.05 to 1N
Linearity ±1.5% for side X and ±2.0% for side Y
Haze Value  7%
Surface Hardness  2H
Rubber Tapping Life 1,000,000 strikes Min. with a rubber-tipped  input tool 
Applications Car navigation equipment
Production capacity 100,000 units/month (converted into 5” products)
Sample Price Depends on specifications. (Custom-made only)
Inquiry * Please contact TP Division for further information
Fax : 81-3-3785-2904