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Development of the AC Charger Compatible with PLC

 We are pleased to announce the development of the “AC charger compatible with PLC” (FD3003), designed for mobile phones and other portable devices and have started accepting orders.
As PLC (power line communication) has become more widespread in recent years, communication quality of electronic devices that connect to power lines has become a prominent issue, which has led to an increase in market demand for products with better reception and clarity. From an environmental perspective, there has also been increased demand for more energy-efficient products.
In order to meet these needs, our company has developed the AC charger compatible with PLC. Not only does this new product improve communication quality by reducing interference, but its proprietary circuit technology allows it to maintain low standby power, which greatly contributes to energy conservation.

Date Released Jul. 14, 2009
Press Release No. 860fc 
Product Name
 AC charger compatible with PLC (FD3003)

1) Equivalent to a 50m power line, it maintains a communication speed
equal to that of when the charger is not connected.
2) Its proprietary circuit structure allows for a low standby power of under 20mW.
3) Designed with portability in mind, its power plug can be tucked away  when not in use.

Major specifications
Input Voltage 100V to 240V AC
Stand by Power Consumption 20mW max.(Vin=100V)
Output Power 4W max.
Leakage Current  5μA max.(Vin=240V)
Safety Standard Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law

Mobile phone, Portable instrument etc...

Market introduction Jul. 2009 

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