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Thin horizontal MT switch (mid-mounting design) developed

We  are pleased to announce the development of “thin horizontal MT switch (mid-mounting design)” which is our latest addition to the variation of “thin horizontal MT switch” of tactile design and realized a mid-mounting type with a low profile design. 

Requirements for smaller and thinner components have increased in recent years as mobile phones have been made smaller and thinner.

In order to respond to such needs, we have developed this “thin horizontal MT switch (mid-mounting design)”.

This new product has realized the height of 0.7mm from the PWB by employing the edge mount design in order to contribute to the recent needs of designing thinner equipments such as mobile phones and digital portable audios.  

This new product also contributes to ease in use of equipment by increasing the board peel strength (about 150% from our previous equivalents) by our unique terminal shapes and cover shapes and structured to prevent the flux from entering. 

This new product will be exhibited at “CEATEC JAPAN”, the IT and Electronics Comprehensive Exhibition which starts from October 6, 2009 and we will continue on with the active marketing activities especially for the information-related equipment application market. 


Date Released Sep. 29, 2009
Press Release No. 869fc
Product Name Thin horizontal MT switch (mid-mounting design)
  • 1) Contributes to smaller and thinner equipments by realizing the height of 0.7mm from PWB by edge mount design.
  • 2) Contributes to ease in use of equipments by increased board peel strength (about 150% compared to our previous equivalents) by our unique terminal shape and cover shape and structured to prevent flux from entering.  
  • 3) Clicking rate of over 30% after re-flow
Major Specifications
Rating 50mA, 12VDC
Operation Force 2.2 N± 0.6N
Stroke 0.2mm±0.1mm ( before re-flow)
0.25mm±0.1mm ( after re-flow)
External Dimensions 3.5mm (W) ×3.0mm (D) ×1.2mm (H)
Market introduction January 2010
Production Capacity 1,000,000 units/month in January 2010
Inquiry * Please contact the FC Division.
TEL 81-3-3785-1127