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Two-step force feedback touch panel developed and marketed

We are pleased to announce the development and commencement of marketing of resistance-sensing 2 step force feedback touch panel. 

We have previously produced force feedback touch panels, and have received high reputation from the market as products which directly transmit various touch feelings to the fingertips. 

We have newly developed a 2 step sensing technology which can operate the buttons with different objectives by changing the inputting force at the same position in the first step and the second step. 

In order to take further advantage of this feature, we have prepared an application called the “Dokodemo Touch” which displays a screen switching button when a random place on the screen is lightly inputted. 

The “Dokodemo Touch” is an application that allows the user to switch to a different screen by touching any place on the screen in order to display the screen switching button, and the screen can be switched by moving the user’s fingers in every 4 direction to display the menu screen (in the case of 4 screen).  This operation is also possible on a fixed button already on the screen and the buttons must be strongly inputted in the case of operating the fixed button.  In the previous touch panels, the user had to look at the buttons to operate; however, by this technology, blind touch inputting has become easy. 

The other example of operating in 2 step force is the function of changing the step interval during volume adjustments by the same button.  When the input is light, it will be a normal volume change and when the user would like to change the volume fast, by making the input stronger, the step interval becomes short and a speedy volume change will be possible. 

Furthermore, by combining the 2 step input and the force feed touch panel, it is possible to assign different touch feelings to the first step and the second step and it is possible to make blind touching more easy to operate by making the buttons multifunctional.

By introducing this 2 step force feedback touch panel to the market, we are hoping that this will become the input device with a more easy to use machine interface function. 

This new product is planned to produce 100,000 units per month in the Philippine Factory. 
Furthermore, this product will be exhibited at the “FPD International 2009”, a comprehensive exhibition for flat panel displays, manufacturing equipment, components and material which starts from October 28, 2009 and we will continue on with active marketing activities. 

Date Released OCT, 27th, 2009
Press Release No. 875tp
Product Name 2 step force feedback touch panel

1)  2 step input sensing is possible for an input at the same position.
2)  It is possible to set the switching force for the first and second step.
3)  The touch feeling during input can be changed for the first and second step.
4)  Blind touch operation is possible.
5)  An anti-smudge finish is available.

Major Specifications Operation Temperature Range -30 to -85 degrees
Storage Temperature Range -40 to -95 degrees
Transparency 77 to 87 %
Reflectance 7 to 18 %
Inputting Force 0.1N to 0.5N for first step, 0.5N to 1N for second step (changeable settings)
Input Fingers
Linearity ± 1.5% for side X, ±1.5% for side Y
Haze Value 0 to 7 %
Surface Hardness 2H
Rubber Tapping Life 1,000,000 strikes min. 
Applications Car navigation systems, center control for automotive applications, POS and office equipment.
Production capacity 100,000 units/ month when converted into 6.5”
Sample Price Only available in custom order; and therefore, the price will be decided upon meetings.
Inquiry * Please contact TP Division for further information.
TEL: 81-3-3785-1109.