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 Industry’s smallest mounting area, "microSD™ Card Connector (Push-Pull type)" developed and marketed

We are pleased to announce the development and commencement of marketing of “micro SD™ card connector (Push-Pull type)”.

In recent years, requirements for a lower profile and smaller components have increased as mobile phones and small portable equipments became thinner and smaller.  The micro SD™ card is widely employed in many equipment as the ultra-small memory card and a further increase in the demand is expected. 

This new product is a small and low profile design with the mounting height of 1.47mm, width of 11.35mm and depth of 11.25mm and has achieved the industry’s smallest mounting area by the one-piece molded contact and housing and the unique shield cover design.  Such dimensions effectively bring out the advantages of size of the micro SD™ card and contribute to thinner and smaller equipments such as mobile phones (approx. 11% reduction in height, approx. 13% reduction in mounting area and approx. 23% reduction in volume from our previous equivalents). 

The card insertion/removal system is a Push-Pull system with a normal insertion direction. By employing a half-locking mechanism, the card can be securely hold and prevents the cards from flying out.  The shield cover employs a mechanism that augments shielding performance and connector strength.

Note: micro SD™: trademark of SD Association.

Date Released Dec. 17, 2009
Press Release No. 879cs
Product Name micro SD™ card connector (Push-Pull type)
 Drawing Nos. CLE9108-8090F
  • 1)A low profile and small design with the mounting height of 1.47mm, width of 11.35mm and depth of 11.25mm.
  • 2) The card insertion/removal is Push-Pully type
  • 3) Normal card insertion direction type
  • 4) Available with half-locking mechanism.
  • 5) SMT-ready design
  • 6) A sucking space provided for convenience in automatic insertion.
  • 7) A one-piece contact and housing structure that augments thinness and strength.
  • 8) RoHS Directive Compliant
Major specifications

Voltage and Current Rating 0.5A, 100V AC/DC
Contact Resistance 100 ohms max.
Insulating Resistance 1000M ohms min. 200V DC
Withstanding Voltage 500V AC, min.
Operation Life 3,000 times
Operation Temperature Range -30 degrees to +65 degrees
Applications Small portable equipments such as mobile phones.
Production Capacity  1,000,000 units/monthly
Market Introduction December 2009
Inquiry * For more information, please contact the CS Division:
TEL: 81-3-3785-1176.