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Development of “Switch-Attached RF Coaxial Connector” Achieving the Smallest and Lowest Profile in the Industry

We are pleased to announce the development of the “TS-12 Series (small / low-profile type)” switch-attached RF coaxial connector. In recent years, the spread of highly functional mobile devices such as smartphones has increased. It has become the norm for high-function terminals to possess multiple antenna functions, and in line with this, the number of users installing coaxial connectors to inspect high frequency characteristics has increased. In addition, in line with PWB density growth due to increased set functionality and requests for the further miniaturization of sets, there are now strong demands for the miniaturization of components.
This new product is a coaxial connector with a switch for inspecting internal antennas, and was developed for mobile communication devices with required extra compactness and thinness. This product covers an operating frequency range from DC to as high as 6 GHz, and has high matching and excellent frequency characteristics. Since the receptacle has a switch mechanism and the switch changes by mating the plug with the receptacle, performing output inspections is simple. External dimensions are 1.7mm x 1.67mm across and a height of 0.88mm, which compared to our existing product (TS-11) achieves a space saving of about 50% and an approximately 92% lower profile.
This product will be exhibited at the combined IT and electronics “CEATEC Japan 2010” exhibition held from 5th October, after which we will proceed with full-scale sales activities.

Date Released 2010/09/30
Press Release No. 901cs
Features Coaxial connector TS-12 Series
Drawing Nos Receptacle: CRS5001-5001F
  Plugs: CRC9001 - (mating type)
  Plugs: CRC9001 - (probe type)     
Features 1)Small and thin type SMT-compatible RF coaxial connector with an attached switch.
2) Covers the operating frequency range from DC to 6 GHz and has high matching and excellent frequency characteristics.
3) A half-locking mechanism is employed for mating the plug, and a probe type is available for inspecting the line.
4) The receptacle can be automatically mounted using the embossed carrier tapes.
5) RoHS Directive compliant.
Major Specifications Rated voltage AC/DC 100V
Frequency range DC~6GHz
Nominal impedance  50Ω
VSWR  (normal close) 1.3 or less (DC to 3GHz)
1.4 or less (3 - 6GHz)
VSWR  (normal open) 1.4 or less (DC - 3GHz)
1.5 or less (3 - 6GHz)
Insertion loss (normal close) 0.1dB or less (DC - 3GHz)
0.2dB or less (3 - 6GHz)
Insertion loss (normal open) 0.6dB or less (DC - 3GHz)
0.8dB or less (3 - 6GHz)
 Applications Mobile phones, wireless modules, and communication cards
Operating temperature range -25℃~+85℃
Operating life  100 cycles
 Release Date September, 2010
Production Capacity 100,000 units per month
Inquiry For more information, please contact the CS Division.