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Development of HID Profile-compatible Bluetooth® Module

We are pleased to announce that we have developed a Bluetooth® module that supports HID (Human Interface Design) and is suitable for embedding in devices such as remote controls, keyboards, and computer mouses.
Bluetooth®HID is a profile that realizes the use of Bluetooth® in man-machine interfaces such as remote controls, keyboards, and computer mouses. In recent years, HID support for devices such as computer operating systems and mobile phones/smartphones has increased, while the demand for HID support has strengthened in line with the increased functionality of audio visual equipment. Recognizing these market needs, we developed a HID profile-compatible Bluetooth® Module as a platform for an RF remote control.
This new product can be flexibly adapted to your terminal of choice such as a keyboard matrix or a pointing device, so it is possible to set various types of equipment to wireless equipment enabled with Bluetooth® technology. Because it provides total support for Bluetooth® functions, we can help to reduce your development man-hours by offering products suited to your terminal of choice.
We intend to continue developing wireless communication modules adapted to various uses.
This product will be exhibited at the combined IT and electronics “CEATEC Japan 2010” exhibition held from 5th October, after which we will proceed with full-scale sales activities.


 -  The Bluetooth® word mark and logo are registered trademarks and are owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. SMK has obtained permission to use these trademarks.
- HID (Human Interface Device): Equipment that enable humans to perform work on computers, such as a mouse or keyboard; input devices.


Date Released 2010/10/7
Release No. 904rd
Product Name HID Profile-compatible Bluetooth® Module
  • 1) A surface mount module with print antenna.
  • 2) A module that provides total support for Bluetooth® control functions.  
  • 3) It is possible to arrange a variety of I/O terminals according to use.
    --> 160-key max. (8x20) keyboard matrix
    --> Directly connects to sensors for pointing functions
Major Specifications
Bluetooth® version Version2.0 compliant
Supported profiles GAP(Generic Access Profile)
HID(Human Interface Device)
Communication distance 10m max. (Power Class2-compatible)
External dimensions 36mm×19mm×2.5mm
Applications  Various types of remote control, computer mouses, keyboards, game controllers, etc.
For more information, please contact the Office for Planning, Development Center Business Promotion Department