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2011, 21st, FEB
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          SMK-Link (U.S.) Announces Acquisition of Movea’s Gyration Assets



 SMK Corporation’s U.S. affiliate company, SMK-Link, has acquired the assets of Movea’s Gyration business unit.

Movea is a leading provider of motion processing chips and software for the Consumer Electronics industry, and the Gyration business acquired by SMK has an established reputation for products such as the motion control technology-operated Air Mouse (US registered trademark).
SMK-Link will sell Gyration products applying Movea’s SmartMotion™, MotionIC and MotionTools technologies.
The acquisition of the Gyration business allows SMK-Link to expand its product line and develop products applied with Movea’s innovative technology, which we hope will contribute to sales in the U.S., Europe, and other regions.

We intend to continue using the Gyration brand name.

SMK-Link is currently developing and manufacturing various kinds of presentation remote controls, Crystal Lipstick Mouse®, and unique products such as the PadDock 10™ as branded products for end-users.


** About Movea **
Movea develops and provides set-top boxes, remote controls, IPTV as well as motion processing chips, software, firmware, and IP for the Consumer Electronics industry.
Gyration is part of the company’s business portfolio.
Headquarters: Grenoble, France  U.S. subsidiary in Silicon Valley, California
  Web site:

** About SMK-Link **
SMK’s U.S. subsidiary, SMK Electronics Corporation U.S.A (abbreviated name: SMK-A; President: Paul Evans) established SMK-Link to take over the remote control business of the U.S. company, Interlink in 2007 (Paul Evans also President of this company).
Responsible for Branded Products (remote control retail) and OEM Remotes (OEM production of remote controls)
  Main products include presentation remote controls, Crystal Lipstick Mouse®, and PadDock 10™.
    Location: Camarillo California
   SMK-Link Web site:
  SMK-A   Web site:

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