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Development and Release of a "φ3.5 Earphone Jack (Curve Type)" for Smartphones and Compact/Thin Portable Devices

We are pleased to announce that we have developed and released a "φ3.5 Earphone Jack (Curve Type)" for smartphones and compact/thin portable devices.
 The product uses a shape that is compatible with equipment with R-design housing (curve shape), enabling the custom design of jacks.
There have been increased demands for designability as well as compactness and thinness for mobile phones, digital audio players and other portable devices. Even in the case of earphone jacks, products that can respond flexibly to equipment design are sought after.
To respond to such demands, we have prepared two φ3.5 earphone jack models. The products’ circuits use a 4-pole sleeve make-switch system.


[Guide to φ3.5 Earphone Jack (Curve Type) Products]
①LGY2209-1101F: Designed to allow jacks be placed inside equipments' housing
by clearly establishing a place to fix the jack.
This enables the dual-use of parts between various kinds of equipment.
②LGY2109-XXXXF: Because it allows the front of the jack to be customized by exchanging (Series product)   sleeve mold components,  it contributes to reduced development costs        and shortened development periods.



 [Drawing Nos. and External Appearance of φ3.5 Earphone Jack (Curve Type)]

 Drawing Nos.  LGY2209-1101F  LGY2109-XXXXF
 External appearance    

Date Released Aug. 10th, 2011
Press Release No. 931cs
Product Name φ3.5 Earphone Jack (Curve Type)
Drawing Nos. LGY2209-1101F,  LGY2109-XXXXF (series product)
  • 1) It's a φ3.5 jack that is compatible with R-design equipment (curve shape).
  • 2) The circuit is a 4-pole sleeve make-switch system.
  • 3) There are two types available including the LGY2209-1101F short type which is placed inside equipment, and the flexible LGY2109-XXXXF (series product).
  • 4) It uses a SMT type connector for mounting. It can also be mounted on FPC, etc.
  • 5) It can be used up to 5,000 times and it has excellent mechanical strength.
  • 6) The LGY2109-XXXXF (series product) allows for jack design by exchanging components. (It can be customized.)
  • 7) It is a RoHS compliant product.
Major Specifications

Voltage and Current Rating AC/DC 12V 1A
Contact Resistance 1~100mA 30mΩ max.
Insulating Resistance DC500V 100MΩ min.
Operating Temperatures -40℃~+85℃
Operating Life 5,000 times
 Applications Smartphones, mobile phones, portable game machines, digital audio players, etc
Production Capacity 800,000 units per month
Inquiry * For more information, please contact the CS Division.