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Development of a "Top-Push Switch"Including an Actuator

We are pleased to announce the development of a "top-push switch" for smartphones and small and thin-sized portable equipment.
While the LCD screens of mobile terminals such as smartphones and tablet PCs are getting larger, the units themselves are becoming increasingly smaller and thinner. As a result, even smaller and thinner electronic components are required to be embedded in these products.
This product provides an actuator function, which helps to mitigate design inconvenience due to a reduced sweet spot caused by the miniaturization of equipment. It also helps to lessen clicking sensation changes caused by displacement when being embedded.
In addition, our unique technology has increased the strength of the actuator, realizing improved reliability.
This product will be shipped first as a sample from the end of November, after which we intend to actively develop our sales operations for this product.

Date Released Nov. 16, 2011
Press Release No. 942fc 
Product Name Top-push switch (including actuator)
  • 1) Industry's smallest class switch (width: 3.0mm; length: 2.6mm; mounting height: 0.65mm).
  • 2) Improves actuator strength through SMK's unique manufacturing methods.
  • 3) Its actuator lessens clicking sensation changes caused by displacement when being embedded.
  • 4) Guarantees a 30% click rate.
  • 5) Improves dust-proof reliability through its multi-point contact structure.
  • 6) RoHS compliant product.
Major specifications Voltage and current rating 12V D.C. 50mA
Circuit 1 circuit 1 contact points
Operation Force 1.6N ± 1.0N
Stroke 0.15mm ± 0.1mm
Operating Life 100,000 cycles
External dimensions 3.0mm (W) × 2.6mm (D) × 0.65mm (H)
Click rate 30% min.
Applications smartphones, mobile phones, tablet PCs, IC recorders, portable audio equipment, etc.
Market Introduction April 2012
Production capacity 2,000,000 units/month
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