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Development and Release of Waterproof Floating Coaxial Connector

We are pleased to announce the development of the industry's first waterproof floating coaxial connector, which can connect devices without using a waterproof junction cable and waterproofing tape.
Connectors installed with a floating mechanism are usually used to connect multiple connectors between devices. Because it is difficult to install a waterproof mechanism in standard floating connectors, a waterproof junction cable is used to connect devices that require waterproof properties and connectors are reinforced with waterproofing tape.
This product can be used for small devices without the need to use a junction cable and waterproofing tape, so it enables costs and man-hours required to connect devices to be reduced.
This product was exhibited at our "TEXPO 2012" technical exhibition held at Shinagawa Goos from 6th to 8th June this year.

Note)  This product's waterproof mechanism is patent pending.

Date Released 2012/11/30
Release NO. 970cs
Product Name Waterproof Floating Coaxial Connector
Drawing No.
 CRC9001-2AXXF (Plug)

1) Has a floating mechanism with a movable shell that absorbs any displacement.
2) Connectors' floating amount is up to 1mm vertical or horizontal displacement that occurs when connecting them. 
3) Has a mating waterproof structure (IP67).
4) RoHS compliant product.

Major Specifications


Frequency Range DC~6GHz
Operation Temperature Range -40℃~+85℃ 
Norminal Impedance 50Ω
VSWR 1.3max.(0.5~6GHz)
Operating Life 1,000 times                     
Applications Base stations, measuring instruments etc.
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