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Development and Release of a φ3.5mm Waterproof EarphoneJack for Smartphones and Small/Thin Portable Devices

We are pleased to announce that we have developed and released a "φ3.5mm Waterproof Earphone Jack" for smartphones and small/thin portable devices.
In recent years, devices equipped with waterproof performance, such as smartphones, mobile phones, and portable audio players, have been released and there has also been increased demand for waterproof performance in externally connected components.
This product achieves high waterproof performance because of its structure, which prevents water infiltrating into equipment from the plug insertion area, as well as the attachment of an O-ring installed between the product and equipment housing. In addition, the product is more compact and has a lower profile due to its unique SMK structure, contributing to increase equipment downsizing.

This product was exhibited at our "TEXPO 2012" technical exhibition held at Shinagawa Goos from 6th to 8th June this year.


Date Released 2012/12/19
Release No. 971cs
Product Name φ3.5mm waterproof jack for earphones
Drawing No.  LGY2109-3900F

1) Equipped with IPX7 waterproof performance due to its unique structure.
2) Uses an SMT type connector for mounting and can also be mounted on FPC, etc.
3) Includes a 4-pin 1-switch function. Can connect to another signal in addition to L/R sound and GND (ground).
4) More compact and has a lower profile due to its unique SMK structure.
5) Uses a plug-mediated sleeve make-switch system for plug detection, improving contact reliability due to a self-cleaning effect.
6) RoHS compliant product.

Major Specifications


Voltage and Current Rating DC5V,0.5A
Contact Resistance 50mΩmax
Insulation Resistance DC500V 100MΩmin
Withstanding Voltage AC100V (for one minutes)
AC200V (for one minutes)
Operating Temperature Range -30℃~+70℃                  
Applications smartphone, mobile phones, portable audio equipment, other small AV equipment
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