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Expansion of Lineup of
Rubber Push Switches for Automotive Devices

We are We are pleased to announce that we have expanded our lineup of rubber push switches for automotive devices with the development of "long stroke" and "short stroke" type switches.
In recent years, long stroke switches with a long-touch ON range have been preferred for air conditioner panels and steering wheel switches in vehicles. And short stroke switches with a short-touch operating sensation are preferred in European cars. By enabling these demands to be met, we have improved equipment design freedom.
The external dimensions of this product retain the same size as previous products. In addition to the existing full-stroke product with a dimension of 1.5mm, there are two other types including the long-stroke product at 1.65mm and short-stroke at 1.3mm.
In addition, the key stem and case mounting area ensure excellent usability by improving edge-pushing performance with SMK's unique structure.
This product will be shipped first as a sample from February.

Date Released 2012/12/27
Press Release No. 972fc
Product Name Rubber push switches
Drawing No.   JPM1040-XXXXF 
  • 1) Three full stroke-types (1.3mm, 1.5mm, and 1.65mm) are available.
  • 2) Strong edge-pushing structure.
  • 3) Equipped to prevent flux ingress.
  • 4) The contact area's multipoint contact structure prevents contamination by foreign substances.
  • 5) High durability with a life cycle of up to 300,000 times.
Major Specifications

Voltage and Current Rating DC12V 5mA
Operating Force Long stroke  1.57N、1.96N、4N
Short stroke  3.5N
Operating Stroke (full-stroke) 1.3mm、1.5mm、1.65mm
Operating Life 300,000cycle
External Dimensions 6.0mm(W)×5.7mm(D)×5mm(H)
Applications Automotive, motorcycles, industrial equipment, and office equipment.
Market Introduction April 2013
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