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Development and Release of
a "Short Type" HDMI Standard Type D
Receptacle Smaller than our Existing Products

We are pleased to announce that we have added and released the "Short Type" HDMI standard type D receptacle, which is smaller than our existing products.
In line with the increased smallness and thinness of devices such as smartphones, mobiles phones, DVC and DSC, there has been increased demand for the miniaturization of components installed in those devices.
With a length of 6.75mm, this product is 0.55 smaller than our existing products, contributing to the downsizing of devices and space-saving.
Our two-type product lineup is comprised of shell SMT and DIP types, which can be selected according to use type.


Date Released 2012/12/27
Release No. 973cs
Product Name "Short Type" HDMI Standard Type D Receptacle
Drawing No.

CSS5319-8E01F (SMT type)
CSS5319-1F01F (DIP type)


1) HDMI (Ver. 1.4) standard compliant.
2) Matching 100Ω differential impedance, it supports high-speed transmission.
3) Can be easily inspected due to its structure, which enables the soldered portion
  to be visually checked after mounting.
4) Shell SMT and DIP-types are available.
5) Supplied in embossed taping with an automatic mounter.
6) RoHS compliant product.

Major Specifications


Voltage and Current Rating AC/DC 40V(RMS.) 0.3A
Contact Resistance Contact 30mΩmax  Shell 50mΩmax
Insulation Resistance DC500V 100MΩmin
Withstanding Voltage AC250V(1 minute)
Operating Temperature Range -25℃~+85℃                  
Contact shell differential impedance 100Ω±25%
Applications smartphone, mobile phones, DVC, DSC etc
Inquiry For more information, please contact the CS Division