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Development of LT-10/LT-11 Series of LED Lighting Connector (COB Type) to Add to our Existing Lineup

 We are pleased to announce the development of a new Chip On Board (referred to as "COB" below) LED lighting connector to add to our existing lineup.
 Due to SMK's unique structure, this connector has excellent heat radiation qualities, which is essential to deliver superior LED performance.Its structure is composed of a COB type LED installed inside the connector, which is fixed with a screw to the heat sink. This structure not only achieves a stable radiation effect, it also helps to improve assembly workability and reliability.

【Profile of LED Lighting Products】
(Completed assembly drawing)


 LT-10 Series 

 LT-11 Series





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LT-10 Series

LT-11 Series

Date Released 2013/03/04
Release No. 978cs
Product Name LT-10 Series (compliant with Nichia CORPORATION's COB-Lxxx Series)
LT-11 Series (compliant with CITIZEN ELECTORNICS CO., LTD's CLL020/CLL030 Series)

1) Its structure is composed of upper and lower covers within which a COB type LED is inserted.
2) LED heat is radiated to the heat sink by the thermal conducting sheet inserted in the lower cover.
3) When installing the LED there is no need for preceding processes such as applying heat conduction grease or attaching an insulation sheet, helping to improve assembly workability and reliability.
4) Secures a spacious creeping distance series connection for multiple LEDs in series.
5) The power supply section uses a snap-in contact to realize easy and secure electric wire connection.
6) Complies with IEC standards and the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law.

Major Specifications

Voltage and Current Rating

AC/DC 250V 2A

Operating Temperature Range -40℃~+105℃
Contact Resistance 30mΩmax., initially
Insulation Resistance 1,000MΩmin (DC500V)
Withstanding Voltage AC/DC500V (1 minute)                 
Breakdown Voltage[Reference Value] 4KV (Creepage distance of 3.0mm or more)
Applicable Electric Wire AWG18 to 20 solid wire or soldered stranded wire.
Jacket diameter: φ3.7mm or less
(Duplex coating electric wires supported)
Applications All kinds of lighting equipment those make use of COB type LEDs, such as illumination for high ceilings and road lights.
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