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Development of Capacitive Transparent Touch Switch that realizes a Feather-touch Operational Feel

 We are pleased to announce that we have developed and started taking orders for a capacitive transparent touch switch, which uses transparent film.
 Due to the popularization of smartphones and tablet PCs, a feather-touch operational feel for key input has become the norm and replaced previous mechanical switches for use in household electrical appliances etc. There has therefore been a greater tendency to employ input devices with a touch operational feel.
 This product achieves the simple input and feather-touch operational feel crucial for household electrical appliances. As a feature, the transparent touch switch is formed by printing organic conductive polymer on a PET film substrate. Productivity is higher than touch switches that use a transparent conductive film, such as ITO film, necessary for the patterning process, allowing manufacturing costs to be reduced.
 Further, using highly sensitive sensing IC means that the operational feel is not weakened even when thick cover panels are pasted together, enabling smooth input. For the cover panel, acrylic up to 3mm thick and glass up to 5mm thick can be pasted together.
 Supplied types include 1) 【touch switch and IC set】 or 2) 【touch switch and IC-attached board set】.
 While seeking to reduce costs further in the future, we will strive to create products that can widely support uses requiring heat resistance.

Date Released 2013/03/14
Release No. 979tp
 Product Name Capacitive transparent touch switch
Features 1) Highly sensitive and enables thick cover lenses to be pasted together.
  (Supported cover panel thickness: acrylic up to 3mm and glass up to 5mm)
2) Light and thin because it's made of film. (Sensor thickness = 75μm)
3) Reduces manufacturing costs by printing organic conductive polymer.
4) Has greater elasticity than ITO.
5) Its built-in output terminal (contact / carbon print) cuts out the FPC crimping process,
  allowing manufacturing costs to be reduced.
Major Specifications Sensing system  Capacitive system
Input force 0 N(φ5mm mix)
Input method Finger
Operating temperature range -20ºC to +70ºC
Number of key 22 key(max.)
Applications Household electrical appliances, Office equipment
 Production Capacity 500,000 units per month ( 4-inch models )
Inquiry For more information, please contact the TP Division