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Development of Middleware for Wireless Motion Control / Voice Transmission Communication

 We are pleased to announce the development of middleware for wireless motion control / voice transmission.
 In the recent TV/set-top box market, there has been increased needs for multi-functional remote controls equipped with various input devices such as motion sensors and microphones. Further, needs for RF communication standard and all kinds of devices have become increasingly complex, so customers' burden has increased.
 In order to reduce costs and time to develop main units, we have developed a main unit middleware supports various kinds of wireless communication systems.
 Using our remote control and middleware will help to reduce development costs further. Not only do we provide middleware, we also provide support for integrating voice recognition software.
 We aim to introduce this middleware to a wider variety of home network related devices such as consumer devices.


※We don't have a product photo at this time because this is only an announcement of the middleware software.

Date Released 2014/02/27
Press Release No. 1003fc
Product Name Middleware for Wireless Motion Control / Voice Transmission
  • 1) Middleware for motion control and voice transmission.
  • 2) Supports various wireless communication systems such as ZigBee®RF4CE, Wi-Fi Direct, and Bluetooth®.
  • 3) Providing a standardized API allows main unit development costs and time to be reduced.
  • 4) An external USB dongle for ZigBee®RF4CE can also be customized.
  • 5) Support for incorporating various kinds of voice recognition software in main units is also provided.
Major specifications Commucation Method Wi-Fi Direct/ZigBee® RF4CE/Bluetooth®
Supported Operating System LiNUX 3.0 min / Android Ver4.2 later
Function Motion Control
(Mouse conversion, gesture),
Android Sensor Manager
Voice Transmission, Capacitive Touch Pads
Pressure-Sensitive Sensor Devices
Applications TV, STB, Home Network Related Devices
Start Shipping samples from March 2014
Inquiry For more information, Please contact the FC Division