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Development of the "FBS Series" Quick Active™ Actuator which Provides an Excellent Clicking Sensation

 We are pleased to announce that we have developed the "FB Series" Quick Active™ Actuator, which is loaded in input devices such as touch panels and touch pads to return the feedback of a force (touch) to an operator's fingertips when touching an operating panel.
 This product provides an excellent clicking sensation because it allows a stronger instantaneous force than methods such as standard vibrating motors and piezo-electric devices.
 This product is expected to be widely used because it improves the operability of input devices and prevents disoperation by providing a clicking sensation. Further, it can also be loaded in miniature devices because of its small and light design.
We will start sales promotion activities aimed at mass-producing the product in August, 2015. We also intend to expand this lineup of products in the future.
 We will continue to work in the future towards the development of products that meet customers' demands.

Date Released 2014/03/26
Press Release No. 1006rd
Product Name  "FBS Series" Quick Active™ Actuator
  • 1) With dimensions of 3mm (height), 4.3mm (width) and 23mm (length) it has a small and light design that can be loaded in miniature devices.
  • 2) High-speed responsive and provides an excellent, crisp clicking sensation.
  • 3) Has high output power (repulsive force) even when pressed down.
  • 4) Has a fixed vibration direction.
  • 5) The technology relating to this product is patent pending.
Major Specifications
Size 3mm (H)×4.3mm (W)×23mm(D)
Acceleration 5G min (0℃~+50℃)
3G min (-20℃~+50℃)
Operating Temperature Range -20℃~+60℃
Operating Life 1,000,000 cycles
Applications PC-related Equipment, Amusement Equipment, Health Equipment, Handy Terminals, Digital Household Electric Appliances, ATM, ATM/kiosk Terminals, Digital Composite Machines etc.
Start Taking Orders From April 2014
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