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Development of the "BTS01 Series"
Bluetooth® Smart Module

 We are pleased to announce that we have developed and started taking orders for the "BTS01 Series" Bluetooth® Smart Module, which has a built-in antenna compliant with Bluetooth® Note1) Version 4.0 (Bluetooth® Low Energy Note2) Single Mode).
 This Series uses a complete module installed with SMK Firmware and a tool made by Nordic Semiconductor, and a blank module that enables customers to develop their own software is also provided. Further, a wide variety of standards relating to Bluetooth® SIG and the Radio Act are due to be acquired for stand-alone modules, so there is no need for customers to acquire standards for equipment using the module, contributing to reduced initial costs when releasing a product.
 We will continue to work in the future towards the development of wireless modules that meet customers' demands. 

Note 1) Bluetooth®:The word mark and logo is the registered trademark of Bluetooth® SIG, Inc. and SMK have been given permission to use these trademarks.
Note 2) Bluetooth® Low Energy : A wireless technology characterized by lower power consumption than previous Bluetooth® technology. 

Date Released 2013/05/28
Press Release No. 985rd
Product Name "BTS01 Series" Bluetooth® Smart Module
  • 1) Surface mounting module with a built-in antenna and mounted with the nRF51822 System-on-Chip (SoC) made by Nordic Semiconductor.
  • 2) The product includes a complete module (BTS01-xx) installed with SMK Firmware and "Softdevice" made by Nordic Semiconductor, and a blank module (BTS01-00) that leaves the higher application layer open to users is also provided.
  • 3) The application layer on the Nordic Semiconductor SDK base of the blank module (BTS01-00) can be freely developed. .
  • 4) Bluetooth® certification and a variety of standards (Radio Act, FCC, IC and CE) are due to be acquired.
  • 5) An evaluation tool to evaluate this module and develop software is due to be provided separately.
  •   Customer support by Nordic Semiconductor will be necessary.
Major Specifications

Series Name BTS01
Bluetooth® Specifications Ver.4.0-compliant
Carrier Frequency 2,400~2,484MHz
Transmission/output level 0dBm(Typ.)
Supported profiles GATT
Interface UART
Operating Supply Voltage 1.8V~3.6V
External dimensions   18.0mm×9.0mm×2.5mm
Mounting method Surface mounting(SMD)
Applications Healthcare devices, sports and fitness devices, smartphone accessories,
PC peripherals, and various kinds of remote controls etc
Start Taking Orders From May 2013
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