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Development of a 314-Pin Connector for Automotive Equipment and Notebook Computers

 We are pleased to announce the development of a card-edge type 314-pin connector with a 0.5mm-pitch.
 The enlargement of monitors in automotive equipment such as car navigation systems and meters as well as the increased resolution of picture processing in high-pixel cameras has advanced in recent years.This product is a 314-pin card-edge connector to connect module boards for graphic operations.It is aimed at PCs and automotive equipment and is compliant with graphic expansion standards based on PCI Express.
 Our back flip lock system is used as a temporary holding mechanism, Assembly workability and reliability is achieved by provisional position maintenance enabled by inserting a cover and dropping the lock lever after connecting the board to the connector.

Date Released 2013/06/28
Release No. 987cs
Product Name 314-Pin Connector
Drawing No.



1) Provides a temporary holding mechanism that fixes horizontally to module boards.
2) Providing a module board insertion angle to lighten insertion force contributes to improved
  assembly workability.
3) Module board height is 5.0mm from the baseboard.

Major Specifications


Voltage and Current Rating

DC 50V 0.5A

Contact Resistance

Initially 30Ωmax

Insulation Resistance DC100V 100MΩmin
Withstanding Voltage AC100V, 1 minute later
Operating Temperature Range -40℃~+105℃
Applications Graphic equipment for vehicles, Car navigation systems, Notebook computers etc
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