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Development of SMB Coaxial Connector (FAKRA) for Automotive Devices to Add to our Lineup of "VC Series / VC-2 Series" Connectors

 We are pleased to announce the development of FAKRA coaxial connector for automotive devices to add to our lineup of "VC Series (plug for PWBs) / VC-2 Series (for cable jacks/cable plugs)" connectors.
The "VC Series / VC-2 Series" is an SMB (Sub Miniature Type B) based coaxial connector employing a molded locking system for automotive coaxial connectors. This product is used to connect car navigation systems and GPS antennas, TV antennas and radio antennas, or for rear-camera connection. It is employed as the standard choice by European automakers, and the market is expanding also in the U.S. In addition, we have succeeded in further miniaturizing this product in response to market needs, and reducing the parts count contributes to improved assembly workability.
We have assembled a wide variety of PWB-mounted and cable type SMB coaxial connectors, which you can choose according to your needs.

【Profile of VC Series / VC-2 Series Products】

 VC Series

(Plug for PCBs) 

VC-2 Series

(Cable Jacks / Cable Plugs)



The details of products, please check here.

VC Series
VC-2 Series


Date Released 2013/10/09
Release No. 991cs
Product Name "VC Series / VC-2 Series" of SMB Coaxial Connectors (FAKRA)

1) Ensured joint quality due to the push on mold locking structure.
2) The operating frequency ranges extensively from DC to 4GHz with good RF performance.
3) The lineup assembles PWB-mounted and cable type SMB coaxial connectors.
4) The cable type conforms to 1.5D (external diameter: φ3.0mm) and RG174/U (external diameter: φ2.6mm).
5) RoHS compliant product.
6) Compliant with the following standards: ISO20860-1/-2, DIN72594-1/-2 and USCAR-17/-18

Major Specifications

Voltage and Current Rating

AC/DC 60V 1A

Frequency Range  DC~4GHz
Nominal Impedance 50Ω
VSWR 1.3max.(DC~2GHz),1.5max.(2~4GHz)
Operating Temperature Range -40℃~+105℃                 
Applications Automotive equipment
(Car Navigation, GPS, TV, Radio, Rear Camera, Car Audio etc)
Inquiry For more information, please contact the CS Division