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SMK Expands ID-Multi™ Wire-to-Board ID Connectors With a Side-Entry Version.
The SMK Side-Entry ID-Multi™ is the Industry’s Smallest.

 SMK Corporation has designed a new ID-Multi™ wire-to-board ID connector for multipolar applications. This product is the industry’s smallest side-entry-type connector of its kind and is designed for miniature devices such as smartphones, wearable devices and tablet PCs.
 In recent years the increasing trend toward miniaturization and thin-profile design of devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs has driven mounting demand for cable-connection-type connectors that occupy little space on circuit boards and feature low product height, for use in connection of microphones, speakers, batteries and other components.
 Currently we manufacture a top-entry-type ID-01, ID-02, and ID-Multi ™ Series miniature ID connectors. SMK has expanded its repertoire with the development of the side-entry-type ID-Multi™ Series.
 The new connector achieves the industry’s most compact dimensions when fitted together, at 2.5mm (L) × 3.2mm (W) × 1.2mm (H). As such the side-entry-type ID-Multi™ Series can be expected to contribute significantly to the development of more compact, thin-profile devices. The locking structure adopts a half-lock system that delivers an exceptionally favorable fit-together feeling. The two-point contact structure of the connector achieves high contact reliability while affording solid resistance to vibration and shock from impact.
 With the availability of both top-entry-type and side-entry-type connectors, we benefit from improved freedom of set designing.

Date Released 2014/08/20
Release No. 1017cs
Product Name “Side-Entry-Type” Wire-to-Board ID Connectors
Drawing № CFX5702-0101F (Plug PWB)
                CFX5102-0101F (Receptacle)
                HFX1302-XXXXE (Harness)

1) With dimensions of just 2.5mm (L) × 3.2mm (W) × 1.2mm (H) when fitted together, the ID-Multi™ Series is the industry’s smallest side-entry-type connector.
2) The half-lock design affords excellent operability.
3) The compatible cable is the 32 AWG (external diameter: 0.39mm, including sheathing).
4) The pole number is 2Pin.
5) The same circuit-board pattern as for top-entry-type connectors can be used.
6) RoHS compliant product.

Major Specifications

Rating  AC/DC: 30V AC/DC:1A/Pin
Contact Resistance  20mΩ maximum
Insulation Resistance

100MΩ minimum

Withstanding Voltage AC250V, one minute  interrupting current: 2mA
(However, there are no abnormalities,
such as an arc and dielectric breakdown)
Operating Temperature Range -25℃~+85℃
Applications Smart phone, wearable device, tablet PC etc.
Release Date August, 2014 
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