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SMK Launches Bluetooth® Version 4.1 Smart Module
BTS01 Series

 SMK Corporation has launched its Bluetooth® Smart Module BTS01 Series with a built-in antenna compatible with Bluetooth® Version4.1 (single mode low energy radio) and started receiving orders.
 The BTS01 series include a complete module that incorporates a serial communication service developed uniquely by SMK and a blank module of which customers can develop software by themselves using tool provided by Nordic Semiconductor.
 It is expected that a wide variety of standards relating to Bluetooth® SIG and the Radio Act are due to be acquired for stand-alone modules, contributing to reduce initial costs when releasing a product. SMK will continue to work in the future towards the development of wireless modules that meet customers' demands.
 Bluetooth® is a trademark or registered trademark of Bluetooth® SIG, Inc. SMK has received approval for using the registered trademark.
 Bluetooth® Low Energy is a wireless technology characterized by lower power consumption than previous Bluetooth® technology.

Date Released 2014/10/03
Press Release No. 1022rd
Product Name "BTS01 Series" Bluetooth® Smart Module
  • 1) Surface mounted module with a built-in antenna and mounted with the nRF51822 System-on-Chip (SoC) made by Nordic Semiconductor.
  • 2) The product includes a complete module installed with SMK's unique serial communication service, and a blank module installed with "Softdevice" (protocol stack) made by Nordic Semiconductor that leaves the higher application layer open to users is also available.
  • 3) The application layer on the Nordic Semiconductor SDK base of the blank module can be freely developed. Customer support by Nordic Semiconductor will be required..
  • 4) Bluetooth® certification and a variety of standards (Radio Act, FCC, IC and CE) are due to be acquired.
  • 5) An evaluation kit and evaluation tool for software development available upon request.
Major Specifications

Series Name BTS01
Bluetooth® Specifications Ver.4.1(Single mode low energy radio)
Carrier Frequency 2,400 to 2,484MHz
Transmission/Output level +4dBm(Typ.)
Supported Profiles GATT
Interface UART
Operating Supply Voltage 2.1V to 3.6V
External Dimensions   18.0mm×9.0mm×2.5mm
Mounting Method Surface mounting(SMD)
Applications Healthcare devices, sports and fitness devices, smartphone accessories,
PC peripherals, and various kinds of remote controls etc
The date of starting accepting orders September, 2014
Inquiry For more information, please contact the R&D Center