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SMK Develops Anti-Static Electricity Slide Switch
“JSB Series”.
SMK Improves Electrostatic Discharge Resistance by approximately 40% (Compared to our Existing Products)

 SMK Corporation has developed a new anti-static electricity slide switch “JSB Series”. While the size is the same as previous JSB Series switches, it improves electrostatic discharge resistance by approximately 40%.
 When static electricity infiltrates the circuit area from the user's finger tips into the operating section of small devices, this may critically impact electronic equipment. This problem is usually tackled within the equipment itself, but this has become increasingly difficult due to the miniaturization of devices.
 This product uses our unique structure (patent pending) as a static electricity measure, which protects the circuit from the infiltration of static electricity from outside.
 In addition, removing the clicking sensation of a switch, contributes to the simplification of the operation feeling design of customers' equipment housing.

Date Released 2014/11/05
Press Release No. 1024fc
Product Name Anti-static electricity Slide Switch "JSB Series"
Drawing No. JSB1220-1701F(DIP type)
        JSB1220-1801F(SMD type)
  • 1) The product protects against the infiltration of static electricity by extending the static electricity invasion route from the operating area.
  • 2) The product has removed the clicking sensation of a switch, allowing the customer to design their own feeling sensation.
Major specifications

Rating DC12V 0.1A
Operating Force (Operating power) 2.5N maximum
Operate Stroke 2mm±0.2mm
Operating Life 10,000cycle
Size 2.7mm(L)×8.8mm(W)×2.0mm(H)
Applications Smartphone, Digital camera, PC, IC recorder, Healthcare equipment etc.
Expanded to go into mass production March, 2015
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