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SMK Develops a High Performance Pogo Terminal at 0.7 mm Mounted Heights.
The SMK High Performance Pogo terminal expands repertoire from existing lineup of 1.0mm to 5.1mm.

 In response to the need to decrease device and thickness, SMK Corporation developed the ultra slim High Performance Pogo Terminal, a connection terminal series for the batteries, grounds, and antennas used in compact handheld electronics (such as smartphones and digital cameras).
 Featuring an ultra slim height of just 0.7 mm when mounted, SMK's new High Performance Pogo Terminal utilizes the same unique contact structure design as our existing products, ensuring connections between components which are stable and do not experience disruption even when a shock or impact affects the interior of the device. By adding this new High Performance Pogo Terminal which offers a mounting height of 0.7 mm to our existing repertoire offering mounting heights from 1.0 mm to 5.1 mm, SMK has assembled a highly varied product line able to meet a diverse array of needs.
 In addition, in spite of its compact and space-saving design, SMK has equipped this new High Performance Pogo Terminal with sufficient space for suction cups, ensuring it can also be used in automated assembly lines.

Date Released 2014/12/16
Release No. 1025cs
Product Name Ultra Slim High Performance Pogo Terminal
Drawing № CSB0701-1400F

1) The product enables stable connection to equipment due to SMK's unique contact structure.
2) The product is ultra slim design, with a mounting height of just 0.7mm.
3) In addition to compact and space-saving design, it supports automatic mounting by providing adsorption space.
4) RoHS compliant product.

Major Specifications

Rating 5V、0.5A
Contact Resistance 30mΩ maximum, Initially
Operating Life

500 times

Operating Temperature Range -20℃~+80℃
Stroke 0.45mm
Contact Pressure 0.3-1.0N
Applications Smartphone, tablet PC, digital camera, other mobile equipment
Release Date December,2014
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