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SMK Introduces New Dual MicroSIM Card Tray Connector
With a Contact Buckling Prevention Design

 SMK has expanded its lineup of MicroSIM card connectors by launching its dual MicroSIM card tray connector for smartphones and tablet PCs.
 Smartphone and tablet PC models that are loaded with two MicroSIM cards in a single terminal have gained popularity, so to comply with these needs; we developed a connector that allows two MicroSIM cards to be inserted simultaneously.
 With regard to card insertion/extraction, the MicroSIM cards are loaded onto a tray and locked by then inserting the tray into the connector. To remove the cards, the tray is ejected by inserting the eject pin into the hole of the tray.
 The tray can be manufactured according to customers' specifications and demands.
 Incorporating our unique technical know-how, this product's contact has an integral molded structure that prevents contact buckling or deformation due to inserting/extracting trays incorrectly at an angle.
 This product is also equipped with a function to prevent reverse insertion of trays.

Date Released 2015/03/11
Release No. 1029cs
Product Name Dual MicroSIM card tray connector (Pin-Eject Type)
Drawing №CLE1012-7009F

1) This product is a MicroSIM card tray connector that can load two MicroSIM cards in a single connector.
2) To remove the cards, insert the end of an eject tool into the hole of the tray, press firmly until the tray pops out.BR>3) The product has a contact with a unique structure resistant to deformation and buckling.
4) The product features a tray detection switch.
5) The product can be automatically mounted by embossed taping.

Major Specifications

Rating 5V, 0.5A
Contact Resistance 100mΩ maximum
Insulation Resistance

500V DC (Switch:100V DC), 1,000MΩ Minimum

Withstanding Voltage 500V AC (Switch: 100V AC)
Operating Temperature Range -20℃~+65℃
Operating Life 2,500 times
Applications Smart Phone,Tablec PCs
Release Date March, 2015
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