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SMK Develops Capacitive Glass/Glass (G1G) Touch Panel

 SMK Corporation has developed a capacitive glass/glass (G1G) touch panel suitable for use in automotive navigation systems.
 This capacitive glass/glass (G1G) touch panel is made up of two sheets of patterned ITO glass. This two sheet structure creates more space between sensor lines, resulting in higher sensitivity. Also, changing the thickness of the sensor glass allows variations in the overall product thickness, and the lack of a bridge contributes to the improved appearance of the touch panel.
 SMK's portfolio already includes mass-production of capacitive touch panels with single glass structures, such as G2 and OGS (One Glass Solution) and two layers of film (F1F). The addition of this G1G touch panel further diversifies SMK's impressive lineup of capacitive touch panels.

Date Released 2015/03/17
Release No. 1030tp
Product Name

Capacitive Glass/Glass (G1G) Touch Panel


1) Higher sensitivity is possible by creating distance between sensor lines.
2) The lack of a bridge results in an improved appearance.
3) Overall product thickness can be varied through a choice of sensor glass.

Major Specifications

Sensing System

Capacitive System (Mutual capacitance)

Input Force(N)

Input Method Finger
Operating Temperature Range -30℃~+85℃
Storage Temperature Range -40℃~+95℃
Transparency 90% (Maximum)
Reflectance 1% (Minimum)
Applications Car navigation, Automotive center control, etc
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