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SMK Develops Rubber Push Switch with Improvements to Mounting Stability

 Praised throughout the industry for their excellent operability, SMK Corporation has improved on its "JPM Series" rubber push switch mounting stability.
 The mounting stability has been improved by adding SMK’s innovative multiple step structure located at the housing case bottom, which minimizes the following:
 1. Instability due to uneven PCB resists and land pattern printing.
 2. Soldering flux during the reflow soldering process.
 The key stem and case mounting area ensures excellent usability by improvements to SMK's unique internal structure. The switch does not have a “designated push” area and can be operated along the edges as well as the center of the key for better overall performance. (Patent No. 4414412)
 The JPM series switch consists of two load variations (short: 1.3mm, standard: 1.5mm) to satisfy all mechanical designs.

Date Released 2015/03/19
Press Release No. 1031fc
Product Name Rubber Push Switch「JPM Series」
Drawing No. JSB1040-XXXXF
  • 1) The product is better mounting stability than previous rubber switches.
  • 2) Two full stroke-types (1.3mm and 1.5mm) are available.
  • 3) The product is equipped to prevent flux ingress.
  • 4) High durability with a life cycle of up to 300,000 times.
Major specifications Rating 16V DC, 50mA
Operating Force (Operating power) 1.57~4.0N Maximum
(Differs according to the product)
Stroke 1.3mm and 1.5mm
Operating Life 300,000 times
Size 5.7mm(L)×6.0mm(W)×5.0mm(H)
Applications Car air conditioners, car audio systems, communication equipment, measuring instruments
Expanded to go into mass production April, 2015
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