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SMK Develops a Push Switch with an Improved Click Ratio and Sharper “Snap” Feeling

 SMK Corporation has expanded the existing product lineup of push switches by developing its "HCF (High Click Feeling) Series" featuring an improved click ratio of minimum 35%.
 The HCF series switch was developed to operate automotive equipment requiring a high force typically required in keyless entry systems and car audio devices. The small switch has a crisper “snap” feel while retaining the high operating force of 4.8N in line with the current switches in the SMK lineup.
 The latest push switch has the same external dimensions as the current products in this lineup and therefore allows for a drop-in solution without having to change the board pattern. Another advantage of this switch design is it allows for applications where board space is limited and a high force is required.

Date Released 2015/07/07
Press Release No. 1039fc
Product Name Push Switch 「HCF Series」with improved click ratio
Drawing Number JPM1990-8412F
  • 1) Meets the need for push button in vehicles.
  • 2) High force(4.8N) and high click ratio.
  • 3) Highly reliable due to the contact point's sealed structure and mounting strength.
Major specifications

Rating 12V DC, 50mA
Operating Force
(Operating power)
4.8N± 1.0N
Travel 0.17mm±0.1mm
Operating Life 200,000 times
Dimensions 3.00mm(L)×3.50mm(W)×1.85mm(H)
Circuit SPST(Single Pole Single Throw)
Applications Keyless entry system, Car audio equipment, Smart Phone etc.
Release Date July, 2015
Production Capacity 1,000,000 units per month
Sample price 100 yen per unit
Inquiry * For more information, Please contact the FC Division