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SMK Develops “RT Series” Earth Terminals Featuring a Contact Deformation Prevention Structure

SMK Corporation has expanded the existing product lineup of Earth Terminals by developing its “RT Series”, a moniker from Robust Terminals that supports the need for smaller, thinner devices and the need to prevent deformation on the assembly line.

In recent years, the need for earth terminals with the aim of strengthening the antenna connection and grounding of compact mobile devices like smartphones, wearable devices and digital cameras has steadily increased. The pin count has dramatically increased along with the speed of communication rates increase.

The RT Series earth terminals have shapes that are resistant to deformation and buckling of the contacts due to our unique deformation prevention structure reducing the rate of failures at the assembly lines of our customers. Furthermore, we are playing a part in improving the freedom of design (e.g. a common PWB layout on variable projects) by using the RT terminal with variable heights and featuring a common foot pattern.

Date Released 2015/08/25
Release No. 1040cs
Product Name Earth Terminal 「RT Series」
Drawing No.
415CPB-165-52F (working height: 0.6mm)
415CPB-167-XXF (working heights: 0.8, 1.0 and 1.2mm)
415CPB-168-XXF (working heights: 1.4 through 3.0mm in 0.2mm increments)

1) These products have been adopted a contact member deformation prevention structure.
2) SMK carries a full line of earth terminals in variable heights.
3) RoHS compliant.
4) The 415CPB-167-XXF and 415CPB-168-XXF substrates have a common layout design.

Major Specifications

Rating DC 5V 3A(415CPB-165-52F)
DC 5V 2A(415CPB-167-XXF,415CPB-168-XXF)
Contact Resistance 50mΩ maximum
Operating Temperature Range -40℃~+85℃
Applications Smartphone, wearable devices, digital camera
Release Date August,2015
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