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SMK Develops Capacitive Touch Panel for Polarized Sunglasses

 SMK Corporation has developed a capacitive touch panel to reduce the effect known as “blackout phenomenon” while wearing polarized sunglasses. This application is focused primarily for but not exclusive to automotive environments.
 Depending on the angle of the polarized sunglasses worn by a driver, the display of a car navigation system or center console may cause a blackout phenomenon, in which the screen turns completely black, or a newton ring. This phenomenon may have an impact on the safety of the driver. SMK’s new touch panel suppresses the occurrence of the blackout phenomenon or a newton ring from any angle when wearing polarized sunglasses. This is achieved by adding a unique process to the structure onto which the cover panel and touch panel are adhered.
 Moreover, we have successfully reduced the coloring of screens looked at on polarized sunglasses compatible touch panels that use retardation film that was traditionally the main measure for dealing with this. SMK Corporation has mass produced touch panels with a single glass sheet (G2), with two film sheets (F1F) and with two glass sheets (G1G) all of which has capacitive touch functionality. We have now expanded our capacitive touch panel offering with the addition of this product. SMK Corporation plans to have production capacity of 100,000 units per month at our Philippines facility.  

Note: This product may not be compatible with all LCD models in the market.

Date Released 2015/09/02
Release No. 1041tp
Product Name

Capacitive Touch Panel for Polarized Sunglasses


1) This product provides value added functionality to our extensive capacitive touch panel solution.
2) No blackouts or newton rings experienced from any angle when viewing a device equipped with our touch panels when polarized sunglasses are worn.
3) Reduces the coloring that occurs by being compatible with polarized sunglasses that use retardation film.

Major Specifications

Sensing System

Capacitive System(Multi capacitance)

Input Method


Input Force

0 N
Transparency 90% maximum(Without anti-reflective coating)
Relflectance 6% minimum(Without anti-reflective coating)
Operating Temperature Range -30℃~+85℃
Storage Temperature Range -40℃~+95℃
Applications Car navigation, Automotive center control, etc.
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