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SMK Develops “CapSleek Touch” Capacitive Touch Panel Featuring a Curved Surface

 SMK Corporation has developed the “CapSleek Touch” capacitive touch panel featuring a curved surface in support of F1F (film/film) cover panels that are configured with electrodes on two sheets of film (top and bottom). The cover and film is bonded together in a vacuum to prevent the generation of bubbles occurring in injection molded curved surface resin covers. There is a growing demand in the market for this type of product using thin film for the sensor. The cover panel is made using IMD (in-mold decoration) technology, so this is a product with a high degree of design freedom.
 SMK Corporation is already capable of mass producing G2 with a single sheet of glass, OGS (one glass solution), G1G (glass/glass) with two sheets of glass, and F1F (film/film) with two sheets of film. SMK Corporation is working to expand our range of capacitive touch panels, for which demand will continue to increase in the future, by launching this excellently designed product into the market.
 SMK Corporation plans to produce 100,000 units of this product per month in our Philippines Plant.

Date Released 2016/03/08
Release No. 1057tp
Product Name

“CapSleek Touch” Capacitive Touch Panel with a Curved Surface


1) This product is compatible with injection molded curved surface resin covers.
2) The sensor is configured of two sheets of ITO film.
3) The cover panel incorporates IMD (in-mold decoration) technology.

Major Specifications

Sensing System

Capacitive (Mutual Capacitance)

Input Force

0 N

Input Method

Operating Temperature Range -30℃~+85℃
Storage Temperature Range -40℃~+95℃
Typical Transparency 88% maximum*(When bonding optical film)
Typical Reflectance 9% minimum*(When bonding optical film)
Surface Hardness 2H
Cover thickness 2.5mm
Cover Panel Radius R700 (2-dimensional)
Note:Please contact us regarding addtional curvature options.
Applications Car navigation, automotive center controls, consumer electronics and office equipment
Inquiry For more information, please contact the TP Division